Encapsulated Calcium Sulphate Raised Access Floor

  • Encapsulated Calcium sulphate raised access floor

    Encapsulated Calcium sulphate raised access floor

    The center adopts high strength calcium sulfate as the base material, the upper and lower are coated with galvanized steel plate and extended to the sides around, through the form of hook link, stamping, riveting form into a closed ring!  Six sides of galvanized riveted sheet, four corners with or without corner keyhole, surface of popular science carpet, PVC or other materials; The bracket is molded with plastic pad on it, and the supporting structure around the beam or the supporting structure at the four corners can be used.

  • Accessories Series (HDP)

    Accessories Series (HDP)

    The sub-structure is an important part of the raised floor system. The pedestal create the space for flexible wire solutions and maintenance, and the pedestal with a high loading capacity. The height and structure could be designed according to customer’s requirement or different raised floor system. The height adjustable range is ±20-50mm, very easy to install and adjust the flooring. The mechanical structure of the product is stable, with high precision, fully meet the needs of a variety of raised floors.

  • OA calcium sulphate Intelligent enhanced network raised access floor with stringer

    OA calcium sulphate Intelligent enhanced network raised access floor with stringer

    This Product is widely applied to intelligent 5A office buildings, integrated office buildings ect, it has solved wiring requirements, especially high intensity and high height of building. at the same time for the upgrade of old building, ground engineering, using high density calcium sulphate or other materials, the floor panel is made of high quality top and bottom galvanized steel encasement. Four edges sealed with PVC edging strip and good sealing. Products with high loading capacity, waterproof, fireproof, good interchangeability. Floor surface fabric can be laid all kinds of PVC or square carpet, convenient installation, After laying on the floor, only need to gently lift the floor can lay and maintain all kinds of pipelines.