Perforated Panel Series (HDF)

  • Perforated panel series(HDF)

    Perforated panel series(HDF)

    All steel ventilated floor, the inner cavity is empty, no foamed cement packing; The upper and lower steel plates and the upper surface veneer of the floor are punched with ventilation holes for the places with ventilation requirements under the floor.

  • Permanent anti-static PVC flooring

    Permanent anti-static PVC flooring

    Product name: Straight paving PVC anti-static floor
    Product specification: 600*600*(2.0/2.5/3.0)mm
    Product introduction: Straight paving PVC anti-static floor is based on POLYvinyl chloride resin, adding injection agent, stabilizer, filler, conductive electrostatic materials and mixed color materials by scientific ratio, polymerization thermoplastic molding.