Advantages of ventilation floors in data centers

The ventilation vents of the ventilation energy-saving floor are generally set flush with the ground, and the ground needs to be raised. The lower space is used to arrange ventilation pipes or directly used as a ventilation plenum. The ventilation enters the room through the floor vents and is discharged from the air outlet on the upper part of the room after heat and mass exchange with the indoor air.  

Since the 1970s, Office buildings began to be applied in Europe. In the mid-1980s, Lloyd s Building in London and HSBC bank in Hong Kong successfully adopted underventilation air-conditioning system, which attracted the attention of air-conditioning technology circles around the world. At present, the research and application of ventilation energy saving floor system in China is in the initial stage.  

Ventilation energy-saving floor and the traditional ventilation and air conditioning system system is similar. Ventilation energy-saving floor main article from: Xinhong star anti-static floor network lies in: it is ventilated from the lower space of the floor; Different local climatic environments can be formed in the same large space. The indoor air distribution is from the floor to the ceiling of the air up and back mode.  

Ventilated and energy-efficient floors facilitate refurbishment of buildings and renovation of existing buildings. When the office uses change, need to rearrange, decorate, set in the vent on the movable floor is easy to change, and the space under the floor can facilitate power lines, communication lines, water pipes, etc., reinstallation, which can greatly reduce the cost of re decoration.  

The energy consumption of the ventilation energy-saving floor is 34% of the energy consumption of the traditional air conditioning system. The energy-saving effect of xinhong Star anti-static floor network can be reflected in several aspects:  
1. Plenum ventilation system use higher air temperature, the data show that when the temperature and humidity environment to achieve the same work area, ventilation energy saving floor than traditional air conditioning system ventilation. 4 ℃ high temperature, this allows the air is relatively dry season, the high temperature and evaporator coil cooling evaporation temperature, improve the chiller COP.  
2. Due to the thermal stratification characteristics of the ventilation energy-saving floor, the air mixing zone is only in the area where people stay.  For this system, most of the heat generated from the ceiling-mounted lamps is expelled before it reaches the ground, increasing the exhaust temperature, reducing the total cooling load and reducing the capacity of the refrigeration unit.  
3. Because the floor ventilation cross section is large, so the pressure loss is small, so the article is taken from: Xinhong Star anti-static floor net reduces the air transmission power, reduce the energy consumption of the fan.
4. The building uses the ventilation energy-saving floor, although the ventilation static pressure box, but does not need a large ceiling space to accommodate the ventilation pipeline and terminal device, the ventilation energy-saving floor can reduce 5% to 10% of the floor height. 

Post time: Feb-08-2022