How to choose a desirable ANTIstatic floor?

At present, the product of prevent static electricity floor on market good and bad are intermingled, the product of low quality and low misled consumer to a great extent, consumer buys, after the shop installed this kind of product, often can appear very quickly expansion is out of shape, crack, fade, appear even formaldehyde exceeds bid the problem that harms health of the body. So, when consumer is buying antistatic floor, what problem should notice? What are the standards of a good floor? 

The esd floor should be environmentally friendly
In the production process of anti-static floor substrate to use adhesive, and formaldehyde is one of the main components of adhesive, so anti-static floor often contain formaldehyde, and formaldehyde is called “invisible killer”. According to the national standards, the formaldehyde release of the base material should reach the E1 level standard, that is, the formaldehyde release should be less than 9mg/100g, the base material is harmless to the human body less than this standard. Do not purchase an ESD floor if you smell a pungent odor. Anti-static floor should be moisture-proof. Moisture-proof performance Article from: Xinhong star anti-static floor network through the water absorption thickness expansion rate of this index to reflect, the higher the index value, moisture-proof performance is worse. And the floor that moistureproof property is poor falls in the damp environment of spring rainy season, appear very likely expandable be out of shape wait for a problem. We remind consumer to want to buy bibulous thickness expansion rate under 10% floor when buying.

The esd floor does not fade
Wood floor of a few copy real looks colour and lustre bright-coloured, decorative pattern is exquisite. But the design and color of some imitation real wood floor is like the chalk word on blackboard, brush with brush board completely without design and color. When consumer is floor of choose and buy, should choose to bear light fastness to reach the product of 7 levels above, otherwise, your shoe can become”embroider beautiful shoe”.

Good antistatic floor to wear
Wear resistance is one of the advantages that aggrandizement wood floor is very outstanding high. At present, the article is extracted from: Kehua anti-static floor network boundary aggrandizement floor market on the mainstream products should achieve AC3 wear-resisting degree (namely speed up to 6000 turn above). Now, the wear-resisting paper that a lot of low price floor uses low quality on the market will reduce cost, its wear-resisting spend nature is low, service life also will shorten greatly.

Post time: Feb-08-2022